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GraceStone Sanctuary

A beautiful sanctuary for care of the soul.

All Are Welcome

Relax - A comfortable place and a leisure space for body and spirit

Retreat - A quiet place to be away for your own personal time

Renew - An environment and events that care for the soul and feed the spirit

Repeat - An affordable place to return to for soul care

GraceStone Sanctuary, located in Mount Jackson, Virginia, was thoughtfully designed to provide a sacred refuge for spiritual reflection and care of the soul. The environment and activities are designed to promote positive community and to renew and encourage the spirit. The GraceStone Staff hosts events for small groups as well as personal sanctuary .

A personal focus of caring and nurturing the soul in a variety of ways provides participants a unique and personally designed experience at GraceStone Sanctuary.

As the creators and stewards of GraceStone Sanctuary, Trish and Max Hernandez find joy in serving others. They each have more than thirty years of experience as ministers and are available for anyone needing positive support in a safe and peaceful environment. Although Trish and Max are followers of the Christ way of life, they honor diversity and other religious points of view.

All are welcome at the Sanctuary.

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