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The Peace Chapel

GraceStone Sanctuary is filled with many cozy and comfortable places designed for reflection and prayer, including an indoor chapel. It is available twenty four hours a day for private prayer, meditation, personal ministry or small group conversation. The chapel is dedicated to the pursuit of peace. Pursuing peace comes in many different forms depending on the individual's unique life journey. May you find a moment of peace with God, yourself, others, and the world, in whatever way your soul desires it.

Psalm 34:14 "Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it."

GraceNotes and Other Books

There are several books available in the Chapel including The Bible and other holy books of scripture and inspiration. The GraceNotes Book provides a daily thought for devotion, meditation, and prayer.

Sacramental Ministry, Worship, Ceremony, and Ritual

As ordained ministers and stewards of GraceStone Sanctuary, Trish and Max are available to provide ministry to individuals and groups. They would welcome the opportunity to help you plan a special celebration, worship, or ceremony.

Prayer Flags

Supplies are available for you to express your prayer through creating a small banner to hang in the chapel. The flags are simple expressions of gratitude, praise, and concerns. 

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